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May not be what you think

Just FYI: For some reason, I thought this site was somehow related to Netgear since I was trying to resolve an issue with a Netgear extender and thru google ended here.

After trying several of the recommended fixes, a support chat offered to help, which I was thankful for. This evolved into a lengthy session with a supposed tech who I permitted to log into my computer remotely. No resolution was achieved, but the conclusion was I needed a network engineer's support and that would cost $150 and up.

It was then that I questioned about the relationship with Netgear. I was told that this was a third-party support site in India. I told the agent I needed to think about it and disengaged the contact with my PC and the chat.

While there was no indication or mention of the site’s actual purpose, neither was there any misrepresentation when asked. The whole process was friendly and low keyed. I didn’t observe any actions on my PC that gave me concern. I have no reason to suspect any fraudulent intentions. It may be exactly what was explained.