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use an ad blocker

i used to use this website without an ad blocker, and oh god- VERY. ANNOYING. the ads are everywhere and are extremely irritating. from the top of my head, i can slightly remember that every time you pressed 'download', it would redirect you to another website that is obviously unsafe. you're more likely to accidentally click on one of those dodgy ads that claim unbelievably unrealistic things like "this 23 year old girl earnt 2.5 million dollars in one day! click to learn how!" and those dumb porn ads that say "you won't last 5 minutes!". USE AN AD BLOCKER. with ad blockers, i'm sure you can use the website properly, but i still recommend avoiding it. sometimes if you use an ad blocker, it won't let you convert though. just avoid it altogether is my 2nd recommendation.


a lot of youtube to mp3 websites are risky like this one these days. VERY ANNOYING website. definitely wouldn't recommend using. it has a nice interface but nuh uh... it's misleading you. every time you click on 'convert now' after pasting a youtube video link, it will redirect you to another website that includes popups and most likely viruses. i'm not even going to attempt downloading my converted link because it may contain unsafe hidden files along with it. thank god that my ad blocker restricted me from those redirected websites. DO NOT USE! AVOID! seriously, just keep searching for another converter website. it's worth looking somewhere else.

small-community-2 | Risky

This website contains drive-by download (computer) threats, according to Norton. Also redirects you to another website when visiting which scans your computer and says it has a virus. But really; that was the website that attempted to give you a virus, evidence from the drive-by download report by Norton. I recommend not to visit this link as much as possible.

small-community-2 | May contain malware

This website contains a phishing popup, attempting to pretend to be from 'Amazon'. The message/popup may be classified as being a scam. I recommend not to visit this website.

small-community-2 | Rated 2.0

This website contains drive-by downloads according to Norton. Also may include a possible phishing attack. I recommend not to visit this website as much as possible.