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I suppose anything could happen anywhere. But I am pretty sure that the developers from IrFanView are not trying to take over the world, one user at a time. :)

Nothing But Free Spech

Norton has got this one wrong. Spreely is an upstart and doesn't have the leverage over Norton that Facebook has.

This App is Dangerous

This is an add-in for outlook 365. The support or contact information has gone dark. I have made a support ticket through Microsoft office support, to remove this app from the online store. This app is in violation of the MS online store TOS and licensing agreement and should be removed ASAP.

A Tragedy That Needs Attention. (Finally)

This Christian Church camp "Camp Lake Stephens" in Oxford, Ms is a real blessing to the folks of this community. At least I think so, but the "Devil" has gotten ahold of their website and internal network. Without funding, they have struggled relentlessly to be free from this attack on their website and network. I am going to help to that end.

Phreaking Hack Tools

Title says it all. If you ain't in the game, stay away. Best advice.