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safe surfing internaute
safe surfing internaute
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Webpage contains unresponsive elements?

When I went to the following webpage, the images labelled "Figure A," etc. simply did not display: a great big empty space occurs on the webpage, without any "broken image icon" or anything else of that nature. Also, the Search box at the upper left hand side of the page is also unresponsive -- (I could not even type text into it!):

This totally prevented me from being able to read this article.

If this is Tech Republic's way of requiring people to sign up with them, there should at least be a statement on the page warning those of us browsing the Web of that fact!

(Thank you, Norton, for providing a place where one can report matters such as this...)

Phony website with upsetting content

This website takes whatever your search terms are that you are doing a Google search with, and incorporates them into its title, to lure you into clicking on its link. Then the actual site presents a string of smutty photographs and has absolutely nothing to do with the item you were searching for.