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fake twitter account

malware and phishing steals personal data

unauthorized browser popup

somehow got through both Microsoft IE software AND Norton v22, why? installs unauthorized 3rd party malware BLOCK THEM AQSAP!

all links blocked by Norton

every link on this page is blocked by Norton and rightfully so. contains browser hijack malware. unsure why Norton's rating is "SAFE OK" when their own software detected the security breach!

secure vs ok?

Norton toolbar says "SECURE" but this ratings page says "OK"???
either way the page is filled with 3rd party popups and malware! popups install cloaked browser cookies in a hidden browser window that remain active even after browser is closed - HOW CAN THAT BE???

hijacked by "long running script"

site becomes unresponsive. all links disabled and can't stop it or close it. need to force close because script being sent to unknown source.