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Safe are you kidding me?

ok it probably is safe of viruses BUT it is is made to annoy you a to having to force turn off the computer and it does hijack your browser sadly i tried it at school on old emac a few years back LUCKILY it had no flash insalled thats also the first time i heard of the site but it did move around annoyingly and when you exited it it did those message boxes but norton you need to redo this it does have annoyance factors i dnt know where they got it to come out annoyance factors 0.


ok at least it says if your under the age of 18 or find this annoying LEAVE NOW at the top i don't want to go on here but it is safe no viruses it is called a shock site a site that is meant to shock you or it exists to annoy your friends or enemies nothing really much to it.

I think it shold be namd something else

I think it should be named something else why because some bored kid will go on it and probably ytype in or and go on that site so owner of the site please change the name of the url thanks for all of us


just dont go on it thats all i can say i went on it in a old windows 98 years ago it made it pop up lots of stuff OWNER OF THIS SITE please just take it down it is worth nothing nobody cares about that spammy stuff ti is worthless the internet has already too much of it one less and you will make the world a better place :)

Bit suspisious

i see lots of the same looking sites for example and it says the leading site on the net like what?? it is not the leading google is the leading this site is pointless take down the stupid server what point does it have the links seem like viruses not sure but whatver it is dont go near it its pointless anyway who made it and why is what i want to know.