realgroovy24's reviews

think it is fake

that is not the normal link to login to facebook normal one has a .php at the end dont login to it it may be a fake to steal your stuff i would go with the standard login not this

safe good site

have used this on dial up and broadband connections everywhere everyone i know uses it and it is awesome trusted it for years

safe trusted site to buy from

bought floppy disks from them and it is safe they arrived good new yep floppy disks they still sell them even the 5 and a quarter inch ones but i mainly buy the 3 and a half inch floppys but all safe this site


i think it is a safe site e=been on it lots and my friends with lots of diffrent anti virus programs come out clean so i think it is safe

it is suspicious

well the name is suspicious and the site is pointless why does it even exist no help to anyone no point.