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I think it is safe

i think it is safe never had any problems
(im learning russian)
я думать это безопасный нет плохой

Scam i see heaps ofspam ads for it

terrible reporti t to google a

It is a fraud DONT GO TO IT

it is ok to go on the site but it says you have a virus for every single one you click on and to download this tool to fix it but no it is just one of those bloddy annoying toolbars that it downloads or some other bloddy virus DO NOT GET ANY INFO FROM THIS SITE AT ALL NEVER IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF THE SITE PLEASE GET RID OF IT FOREVER SERIOUSLY WE ALL KNOW ITS FAKE

I do not like the spam messages on youtube

I find heaps of these spam messages on youtube to this site and i hate it but it seems virus free but it is probably a scam whatever just do not go well you can go on it take caution but just do not click anything else. Report this site to google if you can whatever other search engine or site where you can report sites just make the internet a better place for all its worth it :)

good site

i trust this site it is good used it for a while now no viruses or anything bad and norton says it is safe so i guess it is :)
(unrelated stuff below)
oh damn analog to digital switchover is today :(