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Perfect Website and Nortons Scam Page Again

This website is PERFECT no threats or problems whatsoever. It has been electronically checked and Nortons say that it has NO THREATS of any kind. There Scam Insight warning should NOT APPEAR on this website. Nortons have been informed about 50 times with the False Reports Page submitted to them. As well countless online chats with staff who PROMISE to fix it, but do precisely nothing. They continually put up that warning page and drive away good people for no reason at all. As far as I am concerned I would dearly love to see Symantec dragged into court for this practice of driving away people from visiting new websites. Does this mean that just because a website is new, that the owner of the website is a scammer? Obviously not. And yet Nortons insist on calling into question the website, and the website owner and implying that they are Scammers of some kind. This is a disgusting policy by Symantec and I would dearly love to see them lose this in a Court Case. If you are the victim of this, then write and complain to the Attorney General in California. Maybe someone in Government might actually care and do something about this bad practice. For now, IS PERFECT and it should be WHITELISTED IMMEDIATELY.