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Site is bad, I have proof

This is a Malwarebytes Paid log from when I visited the site which proves a trace of malware.

21:01:30 James IP-BLOCK
21:01:30 James IP-BLOCK is a harmful IP address according to Malwarebytes, thus this site may contain malware. Stay away at all costs!


This is a duh: the SITE does not contain the downloader, A PICTURE HOSTED ON THE SITE CONTAINS IT! FFS, WAKE UP AND LOOK CLOSER!

Trojan downloaders, the bane of any computer.

If you visit this site, within seconds you could have:
Rootkits (redirections, backdoors, identity risks, fake AV)
Fake AV (identity risk)
More downloaders (even worse)
Dialers (Don't even go there, they waste your money by calling premium rate numbers)
And more and more and more.....

Fake AV = No Identity

Knowing fake anti-virus applications, they steal your identity. ANY SITE WITH A FAKE ANTI-VIRUS IS BAD! Avoid at all costs, be it you or your computer. If you want cleaning, go to and download Malwarebytes. That should kill the fake AV.

Safe, but watch out.

Very good, played for over a year with no infections, links to own browser-based IRC client for players to chat live with, just watch out on that from for anyone with malicious bots on there.