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Javascript virus and popups annoying

English:This website isn't a safe! it's a virus!!!

Please Protecting a computer using a AVG Internet Security 2011 to protect your computer

Français:Ce site n'est pas un coffre-fort! C'est un virus!!!

Veuillez Protéger un ordinateur en utilisant une AVG Sécurité Internet 2011 pour protéger votre ordinateur

Deutsch:Diese Website ist nicht eine sicher! Es ist ein Virus!!!

Bitte Schutz eines Computers mit Hilfe eines AVG Internet Security 2011 zum Schutz Ihres Computers


This fake antivirus was scan for that "Trojan.vundo/Win32" or "Trojan.Unknown/Win32"

Antivirus 2009,2010 Rouges

This website are rouges antivirus.When you make internet explorer or firefox will clean your computer.
After you close the download box appears. When it don't have antivirus download by and search antivirus.Once you finshed antivirus install it.Once you installed download rouge antivirus :(.
save as only,ok? and scan it with antivirus.
Once you found a antivirus delete it and empty recyle bin.Once you finished you can make anything you want.


Well SO As A BAD Shopping

What The Hell

AVG Search-Engine Has A Detected.