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Charter says it's bogus

I phoned Charter after getting an email from this site; got US-based customer support; they assured me that this email was FAKE, BOGUS, PHISHING; that it could not possibly be one of their legitimate web sites. (And... Whois yields data not matching other Charter and Spectrum sites.)
So... marking it red.
You can call Charter at (855)757-7328.

Site invites you to Trojan yourself

Tries to sucker you into trojan media player install by telling you your media player (presumably Windows Media Player) is out-of-date and has security flaws, so you must upgrade it before continuing.. so use the convenient button to download and install (takes under a minute!).
Recommendation: DON'T DO IT.

possible Facebook hacker site

site is URL for videos posted in Facebook hacks of numerous Facebook accounts Feb, Mar, Apr 2016. Unknown if site is the hacker site, or is a victim site. "vayda bazar" seems to be meaningful in some Indian language.

2/19/2016 Attacks your with Nuke EK

Attempt to browse a page on the site, and it will attack your browsing device with at least the Nuclear Exploit Kit Redirect 4, as reported blocked by Norton 360.

pop-under masquerading as survey

Site is the content of a lying "survey" pop-under advertisement, made to look like your Internet Service Provider (someone you likely trust) is conducting a survey.