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Brio Dark Web

I reported this scam to Brio (restaurant) but they have not replied. I have received two Dark Web notices since I attempted to use this offer to place an online order. Foolish me! I should have recognized the scam.


This is a family maintained Genealogy web site maintained by volunteer family members for the purpose of collecting and informing interested parties about the Smitherman ancestry.

Norton's reason for declaring this website are not clearly stated, except to label it as a "known malicious web site".

Please investigate and clarify.

RIGID.COM redirection

Be careful when you browse to Safe Web Report shows this site is registered in Germany. The mast page for the site should give you a clue that the site is unrelated to Rigid Tools from Home Depot; in fact the main mast page includes several risky web sites. The safest way to register Rigid Tools or get Rigid support is to access Rigid Tool support URLs from the www.HomeDepot.COM.


Most likely a scam web site.

Embedded links within email all point to:

Norton Product Tamper Protection

1/23/2018 11:04:30 PM,Medium,Unauthorized
Medium,Unauthorized access blocked (Access Process Data),Blocked,No Action Required

Following a single click on the "SavingAdvice" web site, a pop-up appeared directing me to apply a Google browser upgrade. Immediately a Norton pop-up appeared advising me to block the malicious file download. Thanks to Norton for saving my bacon!