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safe, even if heavy on resources

The Stellarium open source program, hosted on Source Forge, is a very reliable and safe planetarium application, as well as being accurate and extremely realistic. It does drain your system resources, but I have never discovered anything unsafe like malware or viruses, and I have used it for a long time now.

reputable source

I have downloaded various products and services from Google for many years now and they have always proved to be safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Google is a very reuputable source for software.

has spyware but can be avoided

The CNET downloader does come with spyware or adware, however if the user is very careful and reads the fine print, then it is possible to download just the desired software without the undesired extras. Despite this weakness, CNET is still a reputable source for obtaining software, and I trust that no spyware is otherwise hidden.

no problems encountered

I have been an avid fan and an extensive user of this desktop calendar for many months now, and I have not encountered any problems whatsoever with it. I can safely say that I have certainly put it through its paces, so I believe I would have experienced problems with it by now if there were any to be had. There are simply too many excellent features to name them, and I highly recommend it.

appears to be safe and very useful

I have used this program for quite a while now, and I always use the latest version of it by keeping it updated, but I have never had any problems with it. The quality of the converted video files is excellent, apparently as good as the original. I like to import video files into iTunes simply because I like the iTunes library better, and I've converted many .flv files to .mp4 for iTunes, and it works very smoothly.