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How to get rich quickly - you must be

insane to believe such a website. BTW, the photo of Simon Lapajne driving is also used on a number of similar scam websites, such as on an Estonian site (where he claims his name is Madis Peterson) and on a Romanian site (as Paul Marinescu).

Tons of pop-ups and slow downloads.

Try to find a better source to download your file from.

This site has just been hacked

We have seen how this company treated users' data. Some users have paid to have their data removed, but they didn't actually remove it.

EXE files that'll download PDFs

we're looking for? Those EXE files fill a computer with adware, spyware and unwanted software! Avoid at all costs.

An email provider which values

our privacy and lets us protect our mail from NSA and Google's prying eyes. I might switch to it when they add an option to import mail from other email providers.