froggg's reviews

Hate and fake news

This site won't harm your computer but will harm you. They publish obvious lies and pure fiction that can be challenged by just a little bit of common sense and education, with intention of sowing hatred among people (the same thing that ISIS is doing). And it's shocking to see how many people are simple enough to believe it without a grain of salt.

I'm worried to see this hate speech and conspiracy theories moving from pubs to public opinion. People, that's exactly how World War II started. Use your brain, fight this primitivism and avoid this site.

Fun site without threats to users.

The owner doesn't control, however, what pictures people upload, so some visitor-made "parties" can be inappropriate for some.

Mozilla Thunderbird

The new official website of Thunderbird the email client.

Annoying browser hijacker added

to my computer together with a bunch of other malware. It changes your browser's shortcut so that the site opens, even if it's not your homepage. Instructions to get rid of it:

Fills your computer with malware

Yesterday I downloaded my first and last crack from this site. When I ran it it started furiously installing Bitcoin miners, adware, backdoors, unwanted software like Chinese browsers and desktop assistants, browser hijackers ... I spent the whole evening cleaning my computer and luckily it didn't destroy anything. AVOID THIS SITE!