froggg's reviews

Fills your computer with malware

Yesterday I downloaded my first and last crack from this site. When I ran it it started furiously installing Bitcoin miners, adware, backdoors, unwanted software like Chinese browsers and desktop assistants, browser hijackers ... I spent the whole evening cleaning my computer and luckily it didn't destroy anything. AVOID THIS SITE!

FastKeys Automation Software

Home of a great little piece of software for automating repetitive tasks, running macros and stuff. I'm a long-time user and can guarantee it's safe.

This site will not let you download

a file until you "complete an offer", that is, give the advertisers your phone number. Do not waste your time with this site and find another download source.

Sourceforge used to be good.

Now it bundles unwanted programs in downloads and the site is bloated with ads and fake Download buttons.

This site advertises itself by

sending out spam emails. Such companies are never to be trusted.