froggg's reviews

Was a home of SpySheriff, a rogue

antivirus. Now it offers links to legitimate programs, but it's probably just a disguise. Be careful - SpySheriff may come back.

Free online encyclopedia

Safe and trusted, many useful information. Community edits articles so some of them may be inaccurate. Don't copy from it.

Yahoo Mail

E-mail provided by Yahoo. I use it and I think it's good.

Create your own games

Game creating software. If you're beginner, try Game Maker 8.1, if you're professional, choose Game Maker Studio. Users can publish their games - play them with caution.


Redirects to which has fake surveys. In the past, was very dangerous site - viruses, pop-ups, rogue antiviruses... See "Want to kill your PC? Go to" on YouTube.