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Safe and trusted website for learning to type!

Title says it all.

Have fun typing!

Looks like playpickle is gone.

Playpickle used to be a virus, however, looks like the people who made it stopped paying for the website so it's an empty domain.

Buy away folks!

It's reddit for god sakes.

Yes, it is safe.

If you think the reviews about porn and stuff are off-putting, you should trust that you can turn off NSFW content so it doesn't pop up. The moderators of famous subreddits are really good at detecting and deleting NSFW content that isn't marked NSFW.

Trusted and safe.


I highly recommend this website!

It's better than teamspeak or skype.

Some of these people are on the wrong website

Remember, this website is not Yelp, please don't post what you think of the food. This website is strictly about the website, not how good the food is or how the make the food.

Yes, the McDonalds website is safe, obviously.