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From the idiots that made Smileys, it's Zwinky!

Zwinky is a very bad and hard to remove program. And (obviously) this site has it. The program also contains various malware that infects your computer. Do NOT go here!

Fix that rating Norton!

Stopzilla is a scareware program (you know, one of those fake av programs that's really malware). Like Puggle has said, the degenerate makers of stopzilla have gone to cnet to give their product 5 star ratings (much like brothersoft does here on safeweb, giving their site positive ratings when it's really a malware wasteland). Their site hosts this scareware program, claiming your computer has hundreds of viruses (no computer should have that many, unless they've been downloading from brothersoft and the pirate bay, or watcing porn). Of course, this program does NOTHING to protect your computer, it's just a virus that begs for your credit card so you can pay for "protection". Stay away!

Certainly does live up to it's name!

Well well well, we have a site whose very name is malware! And this site does have malware on it! Look at the threat list!
There's 29 of them!

Website for The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is an awesome game and so is it's site! No malware here!


This site is very, very bad! It is illegal to download from this site and it is full of malware! I tried to download a game a year ago and when I did my antivirus blocked a trojan and a keylogger! Do not go to isohunt!