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This game is great, no glitches, runs smoothly, very few ads... However, the few ads that they do run, can put adware on your computer. League of Angels was an ad that was regularly on the site a year ago and it installed adware onto my computer. Even if you don't click on the ad, your computer may be at risk. Be cautious when using this site and DO NOT click on any ads.

Do Not Visit!

I recently visited this site to watch a movie. All was well the first time I went to the site (but I did notice a lot of adds covering the page with titles such as 'Your Computer Performance is Low!', 'Clean Disk Now!'). The second time I visited this site, a tab opened with a message telling me that my computer was infected with adware claiming to be from Norton. It prompted me to call a number and wouldn't let me close the tab or open another tab. This was really annoying and took about half and hour to close this tab. I don't know if any malware was put onto my computer but I am checking now. Don't use this site! Too suspicious and will give you a virus at some point!