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Fake hackers

This site is a fake YouTube,just look at the picture that stops you from going on it. It is a place where hackers get your id. YouTube have reacted very quickly and stopped this mayhem but don't go on it is the video to watch and do it fast. Based in the U.K


Personally,I think it is a very safe site. Many famous people like tweeterman287 and ashens have used it! I also have a blog on it and it's sister site, is used by Sony,Yahoo and many more!


It's a brilliant website. The game rocks. Many people are giving it low ratings because they don't like the site. It is a very good and trusted website. IT'S SAFE.GOT THAT!

Owner of

I am the owner of It hasn't yet been tested by Norton. Hopefully this is safe. If you have visited this website and had no viruses please write a review and say that. If it isn't please also say that as well. I look forward for all the reviews. Thank you very much!

Very Safe

Is google very safe. Yes!. This redirects to google=safe