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Feigned or real attack pretending to diagnose.

Opened Gmail and clicked on a message with title that looked O.K. A message--somewhat incoherent--a filled the screen, claimed a scan was in progress and was finding "trojans". Said 417 files are infected. List eleven different trojans & email worms, etc. among the infections (real existing ones or invented?). Not clear what would happen if we acted on the command to "Find a program online" then it said "Wndows Security Alert" then: "To help protect your computer, Windows Defender has detected spyware and ready [sic] to remove them [sic]. Please wait! We check your devices [sic]. [Remove all] [Cancel] (A definition of the meaning of "spyware" followed.) At the moment this is written we don't actually know what our next move is. Will any damage be done or not. Our Symantec program definitions are uptodate
and machine is said to be protected. Is someone bent on harm? Is it the site owner? owner having "fun" or is someone