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Safe, not even ads

The site itself is safe & avoids links to sites verified or even suspected as malicious, however lists can be provided for public knowledge to protect themselves from malicious sites, IPs & individuals, which appears to sometimes get it misclassified as being unsafe. The site also has uncensored reviews on some sensitive subjects, which can be a touchy subject for some individuals.

Potential fraudulent activity

The site itself is safe, however creators on Patreon is another matter. Some creators make promises they don't keep, which means the site can be a hazard for scams & lost funds on creators that don't follow through on their end of what they are receiving money for. I personally have been scammed by creators in this manner in the past, not to mention ran into pages where "creators" were doing nothing but funding the hosting of illegal activity on their sites (piracy, underage pornographic material, racist communities, hidden terrorist groups, etc.). This site is dangerous in not doing what is necessary when "creators" get out of line, therefore people should be weary of supporting creators on this platform without some extensive research on who they are supporting before they commit to spending money towards whatever they are on Patreon for...

Steam Community website

The site is not dangerous, it's the community website for the Steam ( gaming platform.

The Norton Safe Web browser extension is currently blocking this from working & causing logins through Steam Open ID to fail; if you run into this, disable the plugin & try again from the start (either logging into a site using your hashed Steam login or to link your Steam account to another service).

Dangerous site; Webmaster aware of risks

Site is known for various malicious pop-up advertisements referencing offsite ad services that have been flagged as "Malvertisement Website Redirect 4" by Norton detections, 2 of the known ones being gonomy & articusun with the .info extension to those domains. The webmaster seems to be aware of this, but doesn't seem to care, stating if people really want to use the site, they will put up with the onslaught of advertisements. Of course any mention of these domains & their malicious functions quickly gets deleted if mentioned on their forums, the webmaster stating that he's doing what he can to remove the malicious advertisements, but with the coverup of any specific advertisement domains or malicious scripts that techs have been able to pinpoint the site is referencing, it makes it pretty clear the webmaster just doesn't care that he is knowingly infecting anybody's system that accesses the site (unless visitors know how to block those scripts, domains & IPs so their browsers don't allow loading of them or are blocked through a firewall) just to gain some money from an onslaught of advertisements...

Desura download site

Site is used to download purchased games from Desura. Site is safe.