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Very good site but very sad....

This was a very good site but when i visited they said they shut it down, that made me very sad :(. Well I got simfiles from this site for stepmania, now i dont really know a lot of places to get them..... :(

Virus Site

Another Rouge antivirus website unwelcomed to a computer. DO NOT go on this website ever unless you are testing it for viruses. Once again let me make this clear with you. the SITE is fine... although the PROGRAM is filled with malware.

My Children go on this 24/7

So they watch these videos. No Filthy, Pornograpic, or no bad words in these videos and site. Very good, no viruses nor bad things.

System Security Or "System Down The Drain"

This is another fake rogue stupid software that gives freaking viruses. Have a real antivirus. Don't Download this. I downloaded and tested.


Have your antivirus on. This site may contain some viruses if you have a certain computer or operating system. Just watch out.