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This website is safe and secure and if not I wouldlove to know... Why? Be cause as a Microsoft Cyber Crime Specialist and owner of this site it would be very helpful if you posted stuff to help me out... TY Vaubelguides site Admin!

Frequent Crashes

Due to a number of adverts they are currently running/promoting they may be un-safe for a little bit, but Windows Error Reports for this site have drastically decreased!

Safe and Secure

I (a Microsoft Cyber Crime Specialist{means I look for breachs/un-safe websites}) have been reviewing this site for numerous yuears and finnally deduced... After looking at 200 Error reports daily, a dramatic decrese down to 50-129 Daily. This to us means: less breachs of the internet policy admin have fixed there problems. The administration, in fact, has been founded by Microsoft and Apple. There site will be up and running again, however, in late 2010 due to some serious maintnence problems with the adverts on the site.

frequent crashes

Dear reader,
If you may have noticed, this site is known for it's FREQUENT CRASHES... I (a Microsoft Cyber Crime Specialist{means I look for people making illegal material online and get them banned}) advise you to not use the site at all. They are Partnered with Brothersoft which means they are all involved in the same crime network. Please excercise aution because this will do serious harm o you're financial files if you use this!