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Likely to attack your PC

If you have come to this site, you probably have a virus on your PC. If you type the site into Google, you will get a flash image saying "you are an idiot" with 3 smiley faces below. It will play perhaps the most annoying loop ever created on this universe.

Never come here......

The most safe site ever.

If you are reading this, it is because you are probably unsure about the security of Google. Google is the most popular search engine ever, owning sites like YouTube. There has not been any viruses on this site that I know of, and it is Google Chrome`s homepage. Nothing unsafe here!

Most safe site ever!

Not much wrong!

I use myself to make quick and easy urls. It has a lot of use in the way I don`t have to type some ridiculously long urls that google give me XD. I do warn that sometimes the urls you click on are virus, and will kill your PC sometimes.

Only click links from your friends or a trusted YouTuber like DanTDM.

Perfectly Fine!

I have used this site for over a year now, and found no problems with using it. It is a secure site, owned by the MIT. I make a lot of projects on there! The files (Downloads) for the Software itself is fine, just never click a shortened url on the forums!

Perfectly Fine Here!

Come with a little caution...

I have download a lot of files from here such as Minecraft Texture Packs etc, but I have found that some of the files hosted on here are virus, so just use to check the files. =)

Be careful!