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Source of intrusion attempt

After checking out a website - completely unrelated to - listed this site as the attacker URL for a "Web Attack: Mass Iframe Injection Website 10".
The full URL was: .spamassassin/jquery.effects.bounce.min.js


This site has temporarily contracted a redirect which leads it to
That's all. Oh, and Norton? If every single one of your customers says that a site is infested with re-directs and malware, it most probably is. Just saying.

Very Safe, usually.

This is a medical Journal, there should be no way that this site would intentionally be harbouring viruses.
Of course, unknowingly is another matter entirely.

So obviously a Hoax

Just.. Give a RED rating Norton. Maybe when every single one of your customers says something is a... Look, just, sometimes you need to listen to your customers is what I', saying here.

Just... No

Likely created to capitalise on the mistake of replacing the 'm' of 'hotmail' with 'n'. As for the content. Not for kids. And has pop-ups.