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Teddy Logan
Teddy Logan
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Secure and Trusted

I have been using Store2go for a couple of years and never encountered any issues. All site operations are done on secure pages and there are plenty of other precautions in place to keep your site safe.

Counterfeit Goods

The vast majority of the goods sold on this site are counterfeit or bootleg.

I trust them

I have been using this site for a couple of years and have got several hundred forms on my site with them. They seem secure although I believe there has been a issue in the past. I am very confident to trust my business with them. DO NOT TRUST THE .NET VERSION OF THIS SITE.
I am increasing my rating as there have recently been many improvements making the site and forms even more secure.

It's war!!!

The .com and .net versions of this site appear similar but I do not trust the .net version. I get regular emails from them advising me to move to them and they will delete my .com account. This dispute between .com and .net is ongoing but I have been using .com for many years with no problem. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE.

Safe, Trusted and reliable

Been using Clicky for a couple of years and they offer the best services of any of the analytics firms. The tracking they offer is safe and nothing suspicious. Real time analytics is best with Getclicky.