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Steve Lionel
Steve Lionel
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Not a phishing site

This site is used for package tracking by Costco, among other retailers.

Runs a Cryptominer

I have no comment on the site itself, but Norton Security warns me that when I visit it attempts to run a JavaScript coin miner.

Site for Cardpeek software

This is the site by the author of the Cardpeek software, used for reading smartcards. Norton is suggesting that there is "drive-by malware", but I see no evidence of that. It is a legitimate site.

Valuable tools for e-commerce sites

I have been using tools and services from for several years and they are valuable to anyone running an e-commerce site. I've never had a problem with the site or any links. I believe the Norton rating to be a mistake, as the file named is just a data file.

Everything delicious from New Hampshire

A family-owned farm in southwestern New Hampshire that produces delightful preserves, vinegars and more. A real treat!