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How can this site ever be dangerous

Perfectly secure and trusted, norton is a great anti virus with amazing protection. I use safeweb to check if some sites are safe. One down side on safeweb is that sometimes the norton rating isn't so sometimes I get attacked. Overall this site is completely secured.

Completely safe

I've been using this site to order some old games that are not sold in stores anymore and I completely love it. It is way more easier than driving for miles and shopping and the shipment is quick. It's completely safe and secured and has a great reputation unlike ebay. Best luck to hunting down those cheap prices!

Norton blocked an attack on my computer

I went on this site to check the world's population today and norton blocked an attack on my computer the moment I went on.


It's for applying for community colleges in California, USA.

Perfectly secure

I love this site! It's sort of like youtube only it's all in Japanese and you can only see the videos if you log on. If you can't read Japanese use a translator!