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What about this is "Unsafe"?

We need Norton to clarify what you are rating as "Unsafe". Are you saying that '" is unsafe or that "" is unsafe? Or is it the tracking info embeded in the link (https : // lifesitenews . us1 . list-manage . com/track/click?u=3b519162c561a81f1ee4736a3&id=737908e273&e=8a65044156).

Yestrerday (2/3/21), Norton was blocking the link. Today, it's going through. However, if 90% of the people that yo tell that a site is unsafe never go back, you've effectively turned away 90% of that site's intended audience.

Based on the previous review/objections "1 year ago", this isn't the first time this has happened in exactly the same way.

Please clarify your methods and what you are "protecting" us from. Otherwise, it looks like it's time to look for a new protection package.

Personal Security

This website was reported by Norton's File Insight as where setup_40s4[1].exe came from. That is the file that was trying to install scamware on my computer! Norton Internet Security 2010 with up-to-date definitions TOTALLY ignored it. When I found the file in my Temp Internet Files folder (on WinXP), I scanned it an Norton said it was safe!

FAIL! Norton.


As soon as you click on this link, you get a fake virus alert which tries to get you to install a fake virus remover.

Misleading - caution - nude photos

I searched for "Arms of Love" (a nice book about Christian dating) and "rules of courting" and the description of the site says "Arms of Love is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to "see" first ... The rules which governed the behavior of unmarried men and women were every..."
However, it redirects to a dating site with photos of nude breasts as the selection criteria.