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RARBG is safe - We are not infants.

We pay for VPN from Norton. As well as internet security yet we get treated as infants who do not know how to do basic protection ourselves.

They say they have blocked it because of Mixed Content/ Potentially Adult - what site these days does not have some form of it. This site does it's best to filter by having a section just for that stuff.
Peer-2-Peer (p2p) - well duh how else are we expected to download content
Piracy/Copyright Concerns - well I can understand this. But it is up to the individual as well. Plus there is a lot of original work that is on the net.

This is my safest site yet and still I check links before downloading. Hide behind the VPN and make sure that I have nothing beaching firewalls and accessing my computer.

So why are we treated as infants and restricted on P2P networks. Sometimes it is the only way I can recover lost programs and information.

This red screen of death then forces me to isolation mode which is absolutely ridiculous. Why do I have a VPN then? Because I can still access the links I need by saving them and then opening them at a later date as per usual.

That is if the isolation mode is even going to work. I have had it refuse to work for a few days. Please change the category of this site.