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No problems experienced

Despite what other users have said about this site. I have downloaded Any Video Converter & have not had any problems. The only thing I noticed (but not a threat) is that if you let Norton run a Registry Clean Up then Any Video Converter will not work afterwards, I had to re-install Any Video Converter again. I have now stopped Norton from running a Registry Clean Up in it's background tasks, & I must add I think running a Registry clean Up causes problems with computer anyway (I've also read somwhere on the Innternet about this from another user). Any Video Converter is a great piece of kit.

Excellent SAFE database site for music

This site is VERY SAFE. This is a very well presented site for matadata information, for music.
It's the best database site for music I found. (Ok, appart from Wikipedia)

Excellent site for the TRUTH

Absolutely SAFE, no question. Do you want to find out the REAL TRUTH of what's actually going on in the world. If you want to find out astonishing information about Aliens, UFOs, Goverment cover ups, Secret Societies, Mind Control & lots more, you've definately came to the right place. This stuff here is mind blowing - check it out for yourself.

Excellent site & quite fun. VERY SAFE.

This site is fantastic. So quick & simple to create floorplans & once you've put in all your measurments, you can very easily move the furniture around without breaking sweat. Absolutely SAFE site, no problems at all, in fact you'll have great fun here.

Excellent directory of available games

This is an excellent site for available games. I use this all the time to find what's available for the MAME emulator. It tells you if the status, emulation, colour etc is good or not, as well as other info like dip switches used, file info etc. about the games. The scores & votes are a good source to indicate how good or popular a game is & I use this ratings to determine which games are best to download.