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Fake Virus Phishing page

This website tricks users into thinking they have a virus on their computer and that they need to call a toll free number to have it removed. The site also impersonates Microsoft to make themselves look legitimate.


Spam URL

Links to this website have been sent to people via text message tricking the user into thinking it is from USPS (United States Postal Service).

While this website in question may not be inherently dangerous, it may redirect you to other unsafe websites.

Official Google Hosting Service

Firebase is an official Google service for web and mobile developers. While this service and domain is provided by Google, it is important to know that non-Google developers can host their own webpages that use this domain, including malicious webpages.

You should use caution when viewing webpages from this domain, especially if it asks you to download a file or provide sensitive information.

Phishing Microsoft Login Page

This website is attempting to steal user’s login credentials by impersonating a Microsoft login page. Please do not provide any information to this website.

Also note that while the webpage ouutlookk21.cba.pl is malicious, the parent domain site cba.pl is not necessarily malicious.

Mac Clean Booster PUP

This website appears to be trying to scare users into downloading a potentially unwanted program to their computer.

Malicious URL: