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VPN Download Scam

This website tricks users into thinking they need to download, oddly, the Norton VPN from the iOS App Store. Not exactly sure what’s up with it being a Norton app as these sites usually have other non-reputable VPNs.

Fake Google Survey

This website tricks users into thinking they are filling out a survey for Google, and that they will win a prize when they finish.

Fake Virus Warning

This website tricks users into thinking their device has a virus, and tries to get them to download a VPN app.

Malicious Redirect redirects to a malicious webpage that tells users that their device is being damaged by a virus.

CPU Intensive Deceptive Virus Warning

This website contains a webpage that impersonates Apple Inc. that tells users that have Pegasus Spyware on their computer. It tries to force users into calling a toll free number with continuous pop-ups.

This website appears to use malicious JavaScript code that is somehow able to bypass browser features to prevent infinite loops. It maxes out CPU performance and in some browsers will spam dozens of windows trying to get you to call the toll free number. Try to avoid this site.