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This url -- --
and, this one -- --

Both tried to d/l malware files to my computer, even though I never navigated to those sites.

NIS 2013 caught and quarantined/removed them.

But...what the heck. How did they get past the NIS ratings of "OK" on a Google, etc?

small-community-3 is NOT safe

More attacks today. Keeps trying to install malware "WS.Reputation.1"

Same stuff as yesterday, from a different website.

senddatastarscan is NOT safe

Had 5 "High Risk" ("Medium Risk"?) attacks just recently from this "senddata..." site. (IP is in St. Petersburg, Russia.)

From a Google on that site, Norton "Site Safety" says the url is safe. But NIS 2013 (Insight) caught the attacks and quarantined them.

Just so you know.