ReptiExpert's reviews

Norton blocked several attacks

I had heard many good things about this bussiness, so I decided to visit their website. Right when I clicked on the website Norton blocked an attack. Thinking it must be a mistake, as people had said they were reputable, I clicked on it yet again. Yet another attack was blocked. Don't recommend this site at all.

Safest picture editing program ever!

No downloads, no viruses, and no need for an account! This has a lot of choices, way more than Photoshop. The site will close in April 2012, though...

Safe for the most part

This is a safe website. I would use caution if your kids use it as a lot of the content isn't kid-friendly. I do get the occasional tracking cookie from here, though. Overall it's safe.

Norton blocked severe attack

Don't go here-ever.


Safe website, but all it is a talking about fairies.