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Strange 'undeliverable email' bounced from there

I received an email starting:
‘Hello, this is the mail server on
‘I am sending you this message to inform you on the delivery status of a
message you previously sent.’
It was sent to my own domain email mailbox referring to an email sent to another mailbox on the same domain, but with nothing to even hint at the content being 'bounced', stating:
‘Your email was detected as spam. (Sanesecurity.Phishing.Fake.27918.UNOFFICIAL’
Norton currently rates as Caution! so I was not inclined to explore further.
It all seems dodgy.

Two emails, asking for a click to 'validate'

Two emails arrived, 18 minutes apart, first from '' thanking me for my interest (what for?) and no clue as to its nature. Norton Safe Web did not appear to recognise this as valid. The second email stated it was from The Open Source Shop, giving an address in Manchester (UK) and a postcode that belongs to a street of domestic dwellings, thanking me for my order (what order?) and asking me to click to confirm my subscription. The URL under the button, which I have not clicked was with a long alphanumeric string following. I don't know what the exploit is but it all looks dodgy.