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Not safe at all

This case seems to be like the previous case for brothersoft, with a twist. This antivirus is a scareware program. It tells you that you have hundreds of trojans on your pc, and if you click remove, it forces you to buy the product. Sounds a bit fishy to me. But that's not all. On CNET reviews, there are hundreds of 5 star reviews, with some legit, but most are fake! They say things like give 5 stars and remove all spyware malware. These reviews sound a little bit put up if you ask me. Judge for yourself, I will put the link in my comments. Bottom line: Scamware antivirus, Phony reviews, I say that StopZilla isnt going to stop anything. In other words, UNSAFE!

Scam scam scam quadruple scam

This site lures you in with the low prices, and if you lose the bet, you end up paying for it. If you will direct your attention to the review that is three below me, you can see what it does. Don't fall for this site's plan. UNSAFE!

I wouldn't trust this if I were you

This site goes under many names, and is notorious for its products for extremely low prices. This is obviously a scam site, and the things that they sell might as well have been stolen. Why else would they sell it for such low amounts. Also, it is very likely that it will spam your email. I claim this site UNSAFE

Best dog daycare I've been to

In several other places, Waffle would be scared to even go into the daycare, even after the first day, so we took him to camp bow wow. He loves it here, and when we mention it he gets more excited than he does when we mention dog park. The people there are very friendly, and are definitely dog people. I say this site is SAFE!

This is a great rescue center.

I have had lots of experience with this rescue center. I have personally adopted my own dog here, my Pug mix named waffle. The people there are great, its a great home for the dogs with lots of space and outdoors. Also, this site has no viruses whatsoever, so I call it SAFE!