Pcgeek's reviews

Not as good as it seems!

This site has a few red downloads that contain an Artemis trojan! Certain games also send your computer into an infinite loop which then results in a BSOD!

Dirty, Fatally Dangerous Site!

This site is a p--- site that asks you to download a file before you use the site! THAT DOWNLOAD IS RANSOMWARE AND IT LOCKS YOUR COMPUTER! I saw a YouTube video about the world's most dangerous sites and viruses and this site and this download were in it! 0_0 The ransomware does not automatically appear! You have to press "Run" or "Download" to activate it! DO NOT PRESS RUN OR DOWNLOAD!

Rogue anti-virus!

This site is pure adware! I was redirected to this site when I went on 2conv.com and when I tried to leave the link, it opened a window that tried to make me stay on the site! I clicked leave this page and I stopped using 2conv.com for a long time! ffupdate.org performs a fake scan! Don't fall for it and DO NOT click on anything that's on this site!

Redirects you to dangerous sites!

This site opened a new tab on my browser that tried to take me to ffupdate.org and weeklythealthcenter.info! The 2conv logo was on the new tab so I knew that 2conv.com was responsible!