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"Safe" Virus Downloads??

This site is apparently used for people to download viruses onto their computer for educational purposes (or for fun???). Make sure you only download anything on a virtual machine. Also, if you're about to download a virus, this site will explicitly tell you that you're about to download a virus. It'll make sure you know what you're doing, know the consequences, etc., so there's not really much chance of you downloading malware onto your PC and not knowing about it... Proceed with caution though.

Roblox Maintenance Page

This is the page that Roblox redirects to when it is undergoing maintenance; It's perfectly safe.

Full URL:

Fake Boom Beach Diamond Hack Tool Website

They fake giving out free paid items (such as diamonds) for boom beach (an iPad app). Do not go there, and do not download the hack tool! It contains viruses and malware!


This website is not safe. As soon as I entered it, Norton told me that it blocked an intrusion from that site, and then it closed my browser! If Norton does that, then it MUST be unsafe. But the question is, why does this Safe Web Report say that it's safe??

Secure And 100% Trusted - No Threats; Garunteed!

This games site is probably the best games site i've found IN MY LIFE! I'm not exagerating by the way!

It's completely safe! I even bought TBC (Turbo Builders Club), and might be buying OBC (Outragous Builders Club) soon! ROBLOX also allows you to create your own games, and play/rate/comment/favourite others' games.

For everyone who thinks this site is unsafe, they are quite wrong. The only hacking there is on this site, is when some users try to hack others' accounts, but that is extremely unlikely. If this does happen, their account will get banned, and you will get your account back, as long as you e-mail their support team.

Once again, this is 100% safe, and it's a great games website, that you can even create your own games on - I'de reccomend it for ALL kids (and adults) to play.