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norton secured?

just went on there for a walkthrough and Norton blocked malicious toolkit website confidence in "Norton secured" websites have taken a nosedive. Good work on the catch though.

so far so good

I've used this site for about a year now and so far I've not had any attempts/attacks. But as with any website that has ads, use with caution. turn your popup blocker to its highest setting and make sure your computer programs/av software are up-to-date.

proceed with extreme caution

I was just on there and Norton blocked 2 simultaneous attempts, the first was a drive-by download and the other was a web attack. I love this website and have used it as my main source for manga these past few months. But lately, Norton has blocked at least 4 attempts. As of this latest attempt, I am done. I've added this site on my blocked list. Good job, Norton, and I will be renewing my subscription. :)

web attack

I went to this website after a yahoo search and norton blocked a web attack, dragon toolkit. This is why I'm confused on how norton still rates this site as 'ok'

security shield virus

I got the security shield virus just by streaming a video on this site. use with extreme caution