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looks legit but

I am always cautious when a site:

1. takes advantage of an established name like mac and

2. it sends out unsolicited email promotions.

I don't know anyone who actually bought from them nor have I tried and I probably won't.

spam musubi

aka as inclick008, 009, 010, 011, 012... all sorts of illegal stuff like No Prescription Drugs. Stay Away!!! too many horror stories.

specializes in money making schemes

Chances are you have one of his spam in your junk folder right now. there are different variants of this site, runnck03, runnck01...

it mostly concentrates on luring people with money making schemes. once you click you are redirected to another site that sells you something for you to make money ... we all know how that works. It could be work with google and make $5000, or turn your jewelry into cash, get a free car. it goes on and on and on.

my credit has been updated? wow!

another spammer that redirects you to and NO they don't really know if your score has been updated or not. They just want you to click and then entice you to sign-up with them.

sign up to receive $1000 wal mart gift card

SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! how can anyone still fall for them? they're not even trying to be creative anymore. I wish they would atleast try something new on me, I got this email this morning jeeez.