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Bank Phishing

"We noticed invalid login attempts into your account from a foreign IP address: Russia,

Due to this we have temporarily limited your account activities we need you to verify your account information for your access to be restored.

To get started, log-on with the link below:"


"your system files are automatically deleted"

The exact message: "Firewall has defined that your Windows Microsoft system is damaged and irrelevant. As a result, your system files are automatically deleted. Please follow the instructions to fix the problem immediately. This way you will ensure that your system is always protected."



Lifelock.Custhelp -- one more site that wants my "Norton" password. "Norton Lifelock" not "Lifelock Custhelp". It may not be a scam, but it is not reassuring to get an email about the "Dark Web" that wants my NORTON password.

small-community-2 and (sender) for

These are not associated (to my knowledge) with PayPal or Barclaycard: ( is not a valid IP address, it is a private LAN -- they are phishing - using PayPal and Barclaycard names to scam -- there are probably other targeted companies as well.


Keep getting emails from about my "account" which I don't have -- nor have I ever applied for one. I consider their emails a phishing expedition.

I don't think is the same as -- but -- IF they are the same company -- then shame on them for not taking my email address out of their system as requested:

I have never heard back from about the bogus site