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Reports viruses that aren't there

After scanning for a LONG time, it reports viruses that aren't on the PC. Then it makes you BUY the product in order to remove them.

During the scan it didn't even find simple tracker cookies that Norton found when I ran Norton 5 minutes later.

Scam to secretly bill your cellphone

Insists on cellphone number (landline phone numbers not accepted). This is because the fine print says:
"By Accepting the Celebrity Squares service Premium Membership, You acknowledge and agree that you are enrolling in a subscription service that is billed at Nine Dollars and Ninety Nine-Cents ($9.99) per month to Your mobile phone bill,"
Most people do not click the "terms" link and will never know what they have agreed to. This is a fraudulent scam known as "conversion of funds." They may have covered their rear-ends, legally, by including a link to their "terms" statement, however it's clear that their intention is to trick you without you knowing it and, therefore, they are committing an unethical act and, if not illegal fraud, it is fraud all the same.

PM Best Practices

This blog is contains discussions for the project management community. There are no secret downloads, ActiveX programs or viruses on this site. This site does not put cookies onto your PC nor does it collect personal information for sale to marketers.