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So many Viruses and Malicious Attacks.

This site is filled with crap imposter's. It is loaded with many viruses and so many malicious, fake pictures.
The owner of the site is such a loser and is desperate for peoples IDs and credit info.
Thanks to Norton and Firefox for immediately blocking it and scanning it.
Thank you Norton and Firefox.

It is full of Viruses

It attacks your PC, it is called a "BACK-HOLE TOOL KIT" High Risk Alret.

Don't even think about browsing this site, there is nothing there. It only serves to hijack your hard drive data. Watch out!

fake site for spamming

It is sharing site with this spam virus site.

You do not trust it.

8 attack at the same time.

This site is popup spammer with full virus.
attach self as marking sit with other people blog.

"Best Body Painting" is a bogus blog.

This "Best Body Painting" is fake blog. with many other links attached, just for making and advertising other site that have worms.