OHRYLEE's reviews

Asystants- Network Security software

I have found this site great for sourcing network security apps. We have ordered several times for shipment or downloads and receipts passed audit. Save some money for sure and did not have to tie ourselves into a contract. Would recommend to others since support comes directly from the software maker and not just someone flogging it. We run 3 LANS all under 100 seats with minimal comm but could handle it with more with Symantec Endpoint- no problem.

Internet Security easy

One of the few sites that does not intrude on your privacy- No tracking or sign up needed- Get my renewlas here every year. Would recommend highly.

Good Network software source

Sometimes you know what you want and you need it now without a hassle of salespeople wanting to come see you. This site has the top products at good discounts to network software security and apps. Shipped or downloaded easily at the price promised with VPA commitments.

Internet Security software

I buy our Norton Internet Security renewals here every year while picking up some new great tips, too.
Download and shipping work equally well. Takes one more item of my to do list- fast and easy at great prices.Could use more on PDA security options.

Learned lots about Internet Security

I found this site gets right to the point on measures I should use to protect myself. I am not a technical person and can not absorb all that stuff. The Asystants made it easy like what to watch out for in email spam, clearing my browser, updates & patches, etc.
Saved money on my Norton 360 renewal, too:)