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A lot of angry scammers.

Like I said before, Norton Safeweb is a web of trust interwoven with other webs of trusts. Good webs must keep out bad webs. Now run your virus scanner after reading this :).

Been using them for years

They aren't perfect, but In combination with Firewalls, up to date anti virus software and of course constant vigilance will help cut down on the rising tide of spam. Will only work if everyone you know is fully virus protected and doesn't work for criminal gangs like botnets users do.

Poor Data Protection.

Their politics are one thing, their data protection practices are another. The Wikileaks scandal has shocked many innocent members who only wanted to give them a fair chance. Will consider revising my rating if they keep secure their websites from DDOS attacks and Leaks over the next general election in 2015. I am a Friend of a Friend of a innocent BNP member who got very upset during the Wikileaks.

Safe But Needs to Keep It up

I do not have a strong political opinion on Ron Paul, because I'm not an American Citizen who could vote for him, but his fans are vulnerable due to people who do not like him. They need to take extensive efforts to keep themselves safe, starting with their Domain name.

A ghost domain name

Formerly of the biggest retail chains in the UK for electronics, but now a Graveyard. A lot of potential hazards until former employees have been fully scanned for virus and re-employed by reputable companies.