Nifes Knight's reviews

Gogo Anime Safe

I use this website alot for year and i haven't been hit with virus yet so its safe to stay for now its okay website to use. It might be due to having Ad Block.

Cartoononline Good or Not Good!

I use the website alot and without Ad Block you might get hit with Virus or not but to be on the safe side use Ad Block and keep it up today along with your software for antivirus as well. Overall i haven't this website no more sense then but don't let me change your thinking of using the site or not.

A Waffle or Virus!

The website looks good but better be safe but using Ad Block i use it before and my PC was hit with Virus from the ad's.

Be-Careful of!

I want to this website once and somehow their hit my PC with bad things with attacks my antivirus couldn't block or stop. The site is run by trolls and hackers I believed . Be-careful when on this website sometimes the best antivirus software won't keep you safe. Most of it I believe came from the ad's there. So use Ad Block to be safe but overall stay away from the site to be safe.

Be-careful of this website!

This website is home to trolls and many other bad people who like stealing someone name and falsely ruin others names. Don't use this website for anything, i remember getting hit before with attacks after just visit this website long time ago with my old PC.