Nifes Knight's reviews

PSN Web-store Trusted or Not!

This is Sony own website made by them so yes it can be safe but use Ad Block to be safe sense their put ad's. If you got hit with something bad its from the ad's then. Ad's on website should be ban by law but that's why you can use Ad Block.

PSN Profile Should be Trusted or Not!

I have use this for my game card and checking out my status as gamer and friends for years. I haven't had any problems yet but the forums can be pain so be careful and use Ad Block to block Ad's that can be harm or not sense bad things can hide in them.

Skype To Be Trusted or Not!

I use skype alot on PC and software now has Ad's so Ad Block can't block them on your PC sense Ad Block is for the web only. I would love it if Norton can Block on website's and Software too. Overall my main point is Skype is safe to use but make sure to keep it update.

Amazon To Be "Trust or Not"!

I have use amazon for many years now and never got anything bad from them that could harm PC. I 100% trust them, so yes its safe to trust this website.

Trust Facebook or Maybe!

Facebook is secure really good and i haven't had any problems with them. Its 100% safe to use and it has Ad's but you can block them out using Ad Block. Ad's can sometimes hides bad things so be 100% careful with any website with Ad's.